SH20 Manukau Extension

The SH20 Manukau extension is a crucial project in the future-proofing of access to Auckland Airport.  The successful construction of the project was crucial to the client, the scheme having a high public profile as well as high traffic volumes across both SH1 and SH20.  Close management and proactive innovation throughout this integrated design and build project have ensured all key success criteria were continuously met. Construction was successfully completed 2010.


Skill level: The complex nature of the project has elicited an exceptional level of proactive management from the highly skilled construction team.

Competency: Experienced managers integrate all elements of construction, from earthworks to bridge building, for excellent progress on programme.

Responsiveness: On-site collocation with designer is fundamental to the successful adherence to budget and programme, allowing outstanding responsiveness to incorporation of design changes. 

Risk management: Risks are proactively monitored and managed, with Monte Carlo software used to run scenarios for impact on budget and project delivery.


Ability to meet programme: The JV management board closely monitor project progress and potential issues on a monthly basis.

Achieving specified standard: Collaborative working and open communication with the on-site client project manager ensures all NZTA requirements are achieved. Key Performance Indicators are aligned with NZTA success criteria.

Defect management system: A thorough inspection and test regime is proactively monitored by a dedicated Quality Manager.

Project Commencement:          Jun 2006

Completion Date (Original):       Dec 2010

Completion Date:                     Dec 2010

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