ATMS 4 - SH20 Puhinui to Bader ITS Backbone Extension


Downer ITS have successfully secured the latest NZTA ATMS contract to provide an extension of the ITS backbone fibre optic cable and equipment from the SH20 Puhinui Road end of the existing backbone fibre, along SH 20 to the SH 20A Bader Drive CCTV site in Auckland. The SH 20 fibre optic cable extension will complete the ITS communications southern redundant ring around SH 1 and SH 20 from the Mt Wellington network node to the Redoubt Road network node and will include a new south-western network node on the junction of the SH 20 and SH 20A backbone fibres at Bader Drive.

The project includes CCTV surveillance along SH 20 between Puhinui and Bader Drive, a motorway VMS in advance of the SH 20A interchange, Ramp Signal count sites along SH 20 and TMS counting sites at the Massey Road interchange and at the SH 20 Quarry Road site. This will be the third contract of this type that Downer ITS have secured within the last 3 years and further demonstrates the confidence that NZTA have within the delivery team in their ability to interconnect the Auckland state highway network. This was a competitive tender process with Downer ITS securing the project with the highest non priced attributes score of the five conforming tenders and special thanks go to Ainsley Verstraeten and Alasdair Gardiner of the ITS bid team for pulling this together. Gareth Mappledoram, Manager Downer ITS said of the success:

“ This win confirms Downer ITS’s position of contractor of choice in the ATMS construction and maintenance sectors. We are looking forward to once again delivering a defect free product to NZTA, and cementing our position in the Intelligent Transport Solutions market”

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