Blenheim Road Deviation

Blenheim Road Deviation has been one of Christchurch's major construction projects having started early 2006.

The project is well on schedule and should be completed in May 2007. Located in the heart of Christchurch by Hagley Park, Blenheim Road is the major arterial route into the CBD from both the South and West and has a daily vehicle count exceeding 30,000. When completed the Deviation will offer a more direct and smoother route into and out of the city than is presently available and alleviate the choke points that occur on a daily basis.

The project has been sympathetic to the road user, with all Traffic Management solutions acknowledging the need to maintain steady traffic streams into and out of the CBD, especially at peak times.

Public notification has been at the fore with regards to the TM strategy employed, close co-operation with local commercial properties and a combination of good advance warning signs and use of media has ensured that the majority of Christchurch's motorists have been aware of the changing situation on site.

As with all major projects the planning phase is crucial and this is certainly the case with regard to Traffic Management.

The use of Computer Added Draughting (CAD) drawings to plan the layout of Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) has offered an accuracy and degree of detail that the Site Traffic Management Supervisors (STMS) would not normally expect to see. The use of CAD based TMPs provides both the STMS and consultants alike with a scaleable document that shows the exact location of all signage, delineation cones and all other Traffic Management equipment.

The project is now entering perhaps its most critical phase and promises to offer some demanding and challenging Traffic Management problems before the final transition to the new deviation can be made.

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