Christchurch SBS Marathon

The Christchurch branch has provided a complete Traffic Management solution for the Christchurch SBS marathon for the last three years.

Attendance at the marathon has grown year by year and this 2006 was the largest yet. Much of the 26 miles of the Marathon is run on the road and as such Traffic Management measures must be employed to ensure the event can be managed safely for both the athletes and road users.

Starting in the early hours of the morning, seven Traffic Management teams deployed to establish the site ready for the first runners leaving the start line at 0900hrs. An event of this size requires the whole of the branches Traffic Management capability, both in material and manpower. Once established, the site was actively monitored by all staff whose duties ranged from manning rolling closures to encouraging the runners.

Long after the last runner had completed the gruelling course, the task of restoring the road to normal conditions was being completed by the Traffic Management team who had successfully managed the event with no incidents and little disruption to normal city life.

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