Downer ITS delivers video technology at the new car park entrance for Hamilton City Council.

As well as providing intersection signals to HCC, Downer ITS also provided HCC with a solution to their complex build through the use of video detection for 6 of the 9 loops. As part of the build the pavement was heavily reinforced so normal loops would not function. Downer ITS overcame this issue by integrating video detection. Additional complexities of this project included extra integration with the VMS, and extra inputs and software for the controller logic.

The intersection was delivered as part of the Hamilton City Heart Alliance.

This is a very successful alliance that has seen Victoria Street, Garden Place, and Ward Street all become revitalised. The final stage of the City Heart project is the shared space connection between Worley Place and Caro Street. Downer ITS are proud to be involved in this project and extremely pleased with the result at the Angelsea Street car park entrance.



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