Traffic Guidance System

I.T.S is the only New Zealand Company to offer the hire of a Traffic Guidance System which is widely used in Europe to safely guide traffic through work zones.

The system comprises a linked length of trafficable kerbs fitted with delineator panels. The panels are mounted on flexible feet attached to the kerb so that the delineator returns to its upright position after impact by vehicles. Spacing of panels is dependent on the gazetted speed limit and the geometry of the road however in this case panels are spaced at 2 metre intervals. Each kerb is fitted with a reflective arch containing 14 cat's eyes to further alert motorists in dark conditions. The delineator panels use High Intensity retro-reflective red and white sheeting that easily stands out in day and night time conditions.

We installed 500 metres of this system in August 2006 on Great South Rd in Greenlane while a contractor undertook works on one side of the road. The system was installed in lieu of a centre line and replaced a flush median that had to be removed so that four lanes of traffic could be safely maintained.

The system was on the road continuously for over four months but was removed over the Christmas period. Maintenance of t

he system was minimal and included cleaning and replacement of the odd panel. Lateral movement of the system is very minor after hits by vehicles due to the lateral climbing edges allowing vehicles to climb on and press down the kerb so that movement is minimised. In the event that there is some minor lateral movement, one man can quickly rectify the kink supported by mobile closure traffic management. Over the four month period that the system was in place a maintenance check was carried out daily which took no more than one hour each day.

Benefits of using the Traffic Guidance System over cones

  • Creates side friction which has an increased calming effect on traffic speeds and driver attention 
  • Eliminates stray cones in live lanes which result in nose to tail and across centre line motor vehicle movements which can lead to accidents 
  • Eliminates cone attrition 
  • Eliminates hazard to traffic controllers safety by continually removing and reinstalling stray cones 
  • Eliminates traffic control labour required to continually monitor, replace and/or stand up fallen cones or other non portable traffic control devices 
  • Eliminates or reduces the need for temporary line markings which result in "phantom" markings when measures are removed or altered
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