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With the need to quantify cyclists on our roads and paths ITS can provide world-proven technology that can give you the data you need to justify investments, measure growth and provide easy to read reports to share locally and nationally.

ITS is the provider in New Zealand for the Eco Counter range of products, which include car, cycle and pedestrian counters, with the most accurate counters for mixed traffic conditions. Now you can accurately measure how many people and what mode of transport they use pass points on your network. This can be combined to give you trends across an entire city, or pinpoint data to specific locations.

With accurate cycle data you can:

  • Arm yourself with facts to justify investment in shared path facilities
  • Understand trends and usage across a network
  • Refine maintenance schedules to reflect busy periods / most used paths
  • Supply data publicly to encourage more use of your network
  • Remove 'the unknown' and have complete control over your assets

Simple, Accurate Counting accessible from your desk

All data collected is only as good as the sites selected, and the quality of the installation. For this reason ITS have dedicated trained staff to ensure all installations are correctly managed, and that the sites are selected with relevance to your needs. ITS can provide a one stop solution, from initial investigations, through to site specific reports, installation and maintenance.

There are counting options to suit any location

With the Eco Counter range you can count in mixed and single traffic conditions with the following options available:

  • Count cyclists in mixed traffic such as on road
  • Count pedestrians using urban paths - up to 30m wide.
  • Count shared path usage - cyclists and pedestrians
  • Get directional data
  • Compare sites from the convenience of your desk with automatic uploading
  • Use Cycle loops to activate safety signs, traffic signals, or information boards
  • Temporary counts - the most accurate tube counters possible
  • Invisible counting - all the counters can be installed underground
  • Car, cycle and pedestrian counts using the same counter and software
  • Telemetry options available - automatic uploading and instant reports
  • 15min, hourly, weekly, monthly and AADT comparisons
  • A variety of data outputs for reporting


All Eco Counter products are IP66 rated and can be mounted in a range of vandal proof housings designed to be mounted in ground, on posts, or integrated into existing furniture. Eco Counter products are currently installed in over 28 countries around the world and are providing useful and accurate data 







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