Intelligent Road Studs

There are numerous options available when deciding which technology to use for self powered delineation on roads and shared pathways. Integrated Traffic Solutions has a full range of innovative solutions to meet the needs of any project in this field, with Solar, Hardwired and Wireless-controlled studs in both flush and surface mounted configurations.

Solar Powered Studs

Hardwired Studs

Solar powered studs are the environmental choice for self-lighting delineation, as they are powered solely by the sun, providing up to 10 nights of solid illumination from a single charge. These long life studs emit light as well as reflect them, providing up to 900m extra visibility and 30 extra seconds of notification for drivers about the road ahead, contributing to safer driver behaviour, and are available in surface and flush mounted models.

Hardwired Studs are the best option for sites where intense day/night illumination is needed, such as turning delineation at intersections, pedestrian crossing warning, or multi lane control systems. They are durable, flush mounted and powered by a single cable. They are able to be activated by third party devices such as a pedestrian push button, infrared beams or inductive in-ground loops.

Application Suggestions

  • Road Delineation
  • Lane Marking and Guidance
  • Accident black-spots / cluster sites
  • Hazardous road layouts
  • Advanced warning of fixed roadside objects
  • Areas adversely affected by poor visibility
  • When street lighting is unavailable, not cost effective or environmentally not possible
  • Airports – taxiways, pushbacks, fire routes and periphery areas
  • Car parks and architectural designs

Application Suggestions

  • Lane Delineation Control
  • Tidal / Contra Flow - lane reversals.
  • Congestion relief / reduction
  • Toll and Terminal Plazas
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Traffic Light Integration
  • Level / Railway Crossings
  • Speed Control / Traffic Calming
  • Roundabouts
  • General Hazard Warning, Priority / Direction Indication & Traffic Management

Hardwired studs features 

  • Maintenance free - fully self contained
  • Reliable all year round performance
  • Up to 900 metres (0.62 miles) visibility
  • True LED colour credibility
  • Reliable and robust design
  • Reduction in accident risk
  • Improves road delineation, particularly
  • Effective in poor weather
  • Clear reference points at ground level
  • Improved driver reaction times
  • Reduces use of headlight main beam
  • Alternative to expensive street lighting

Hardwired studs features

  • Modular design / upgradeable
  • Programmable functionality
  • Low maintenance
  • Snowploughable
  • Low power consumption
  • Flush to the road surface
  • Integration with 3rd party devices
  • Solar power option
  • Particularly effective in poor weather
  • Clear reference points at ground level
  • Pedestrian, cycle and motorcycle friendly
  • Alternative to expensive street lighting

Document Downloads

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Intelligent Road Studs

Intelligent Systems in ground lighting (1).JPG

Hardwired Flush Mounted Road Stud

MK4 Solar Stud.jpg

Solar Flush Mounted Road Stud

Solar Stud_Surface Mounted.jpg

Solar Surface Mounted Road Stud

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